Your home is a reflection of you, of who you are and what is important to you.  It is your ‘space’, and it is so very important that when you decorate it you do so to your personal taste. 

It is not necessary, or even advisable to decorate to meet current trends (unless of course they really do appeal to you).  It is far wiser to decorate your home (or your room, or office) in a way that will make you feel comfortable in your space. 

Surrounding yourself with art that you love will add to your enjoyment of the time you spend in your space.

For many of us now our home/room, is also our workspace, so it is even more important to be comfortable in our surroundings.  The right art for you will offer a break or meditative distraction while you are in work mode, and will act as a focal point in a living space that echoes your interests and ideas. 

When we can once again open our homes to friends and family, the art on our walls creates interest and opportunities to talk about why you chose the pieces you are living with.  It opens conversations about so many things and enables us to show just how important our interests and ideas are to us.

Even our ancient ancestors painted art on the walls of caves, perhaps they understood something that has been lost to us? 

So, if you are redecorating this spring, do consider adding some art to your space.  While original pieces can be expensive, many artists offer prints at reasonable prices. Art is no longer just for the elite few, it is accessible and affordable to all.  

My prints and originals are available directly from my website!