Reason 1

Art can cheer us up! Just the act of making your workspace ‘yours’, and bringing something you love into it can create a sense of belonging.

Art has also been proven to benefit your cognitive processes. 

Looking at a piece of art can be calming and meditative, it also increases blood flow to the brain which supports critical thinking, decision making, problem solving and creativity.

Reason 2

Art has positive influence on your emotions, it triggers the release of serotonins which in turn promote feelings of happiness, improves your memory and has the added benefit of reducing anxiety. 

Why does this happen?  It is because our body often mirrors what it sees, so through mirror neurons our body converts the emotions we see in a piece of art into emotions we can feel in our bodies.  

So next time you look at a tranquil scene and find yourself feeling more relaxed you will know why!

Reason 3

The knock on effect of having art in your home office is that through its calming and emotion enhancing effects it reduces stress, and we all know that stress impacts on our productivity.  So if you are calmed by the art you choose to bring into your workspace, you will find that your stress levels decrease, and you will become more productive. 

The distraction that art provides by giving us something positive to focus on is a positive distraction, and taking those few seconds to enjoy the art in your environment gives an often badly needed calming moment of meditation (or distraction) that overall increases you productivity and enhances your focus for the task in hand.