Many moons ago, when I was a child in the early 60’s, I regularly passed Hughes Dairy’s in Churchtown.

In the large field in front of the Dairy were a multitude of horses that were used to draw the milk carts every morning to deliver milk to every house that I knew!

There was one particular horse in that field that stood out to me,

He was mostly white, with faint dappled grey spotting

He was a little smaller than the rest

And, to me at least, he WAS Mr Ed!

Oh my, how many days did I spend a deal of time  trying to coax him closer to the fence!

Offering carrots, or apples, or grass!  Anything I thought might entice him.

I just knew, if I could get him close to me, that he would TALK!

I still believe he was Mr Ed,

But he never did take the bait!