What is Creative Cornucopia Cavan?

Creative Cornucopia Cavan is a project that has been long in my thoughts and just recently become a reality.  It’s really just a directory of artists and artisans in Cavan.  I thought, particularly in the current situation, that it might be good to have a local online directory where people could browse to see just how many creative people live here, and even more importantly now, what they have to offer.  We all want to support local small businesses, and apart for the more obvious shops in our towns we may not be aware of the many wee cottage businesses that are around us.

What kind of people are already involved?

We have everything from musicians and songwriters, potters, basket makers, photographers, artists … the list goes on.  So now, during the second lockdown I managed to find the time to get the website up and running.  So far there are a few creatives signed up and featuring on the site.  Hopefully more will come on board soon.

How much does it cost to register to feature on the site?

There is no charge to join at present, as I am doing this as a voluntary piece of work, but there is the option to ‘buy me a coffee’ to support the ongoing development of the site and to gather funds for renewal of the domain and the hosting of the site when the time comes.

Are there any particular criteria for people to join?

So, if you create, make, bake, stitch, knit, carve, photograph, paint or do any other creative things, or if you are an artisan who makes handmade soaps, candles, baskets … the list goes on, please do pop over to the website and click the link to fill in your application.  The only two requirements are that you live in Cavan and that you create what you have to offer yourself.

Do pop over to visit us at Creative Cornucopia Cavan, you might find a wonderful local creative to provide you with that really special gift for a loved on this Christmas, and if you are a creative soul, living in Cavan, do apply to join our merry band!