You may find that you have several pieces of art that really resonate with you, so what is the best way to display them so you can enjoy them every day?

One simple idea is a Gallery Wall.  Basically use one wall in your room to create a collection of pieces.  The only problem with this may be figuring out just how to place the pieces so they ‘work’ well together.

In the absence of knowledge about colours and styles I can offer one simple idea that will help you to find a good layout for your favourite pieces. 

Measure out the space you have to work with and then clear a space that size on the floor.  Use this ‘frame’ to play around with the layout of your pieces.  Put the pieces on the floor, try starting with the largest piece in the centre and surround it with pieces that complement it.  This will help you to create a gallery that is unique to you, and will bring a smile to your face.

When you are happy with the layout figure out the places where you will need to put hangers, mark these points on the wall and then get busy with a hammer and hangers.  When the hardware is in place hang the pieces, step back and enjoy!