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Featured Originals

One of my current featured pieces Ghost Horse was created using the dynamic acrylic flow techniques on canvas.  The ghostly face of a white horse reminded me of a childhood memory.

Many moons ago, when I was a child in the early 60’s, I regularly passed Hughes Dairy’s in Churchtown.  In the large field in front of the Dairy were a multitude of horses that were used to draw the milk carts every morning to deliver milk to every house that I knew!

There was one particular horse in that field that stood out to me, he was mostly white, with faint dappled grey spotting.  He was a little smaller than the rest

And, to me at least, he WAS Mr Ed!

Oh my, how many days did I spend a deal of time  trying to coax him closer to the fence!  Offering carrots, or apples, or grass!  Anything I thought might entice him.

I just knew, if I could get him close to me, that he would TALK!

I still believe he was Mr Ed, but he never did take the bait!

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Shadow Box Mini’s

A limited series of framed miniature abstract pieces. Each one has it’s own story.  Featured here is “Ice-Cream”

Do you remember the soft creamy deliciousness that was ice cream from an ice-cream van on a hot summers day?

We had a regular ice-cream man. His van was blue and cream with big wings on the back, and he played a musical jingles as he drove around our little estate.  I remember the rush to try to finish dinner so I could run outside to get a cone.  Just a plain cone usually, with rivulets of red syrup running down and over your fingers, that was back in the 60’s before the blue raspberry syrup came into the picture, and cones came bedecked in red and blue sweetness that you licked off your fingers, relishing every drop.  ​Some days there were 99’s, with a chunk of Cadbury’s Flake sitting at a jaunty angle, on rare occasions there were fruit boats, which consisted of tinned fruit cocktail, ices cream, and of course plenty of syrup!

Apart from my obvious infatuation with food, and all things sweet, the one other thing I remember very well was that our lovely ice-cream man had a glass eye, and when we were small we wondered which one it was! It finally dawned on us that it was the one that never moved!

‘What Lies Beneath the Blues’ Collection

Created during the early days of the pandemic, my mind turned to thoughts of depression, and what lies beneath feelings of helplessnes and despair.  These pieces are dark, and speak to homlessness, suicidal, and the effort it takes for us to keep dark thoughts at bay.  The final piece in the collection is called ‘Safe Harbour’, and represents the feeling that in spite of the struggles and despair, we all seek and hopefully can find that safe space in which to heal our wounded spirits.

It's Cold Outside

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