Wood Stock Collection – Rainbow All Over Your Blues


Rainbows All Over Your Blues

Inspired by a song performed by John B. Sebastian on Saturday 16th August 1969 at Woodstock.  This song has a simple story, the singer is going to try and lift the mood of his friend, who is spending all her time in her room, looking at the dark side of the moon.  It is about trying to help a friend who is suffering from depression, just by going to them, and letting them know you care. By being there to listen to them and to encourage then to get back out into the world again.  It’s a gentle, and very sixties sound, with a lovely message of love and caring for others.

This is my interpretation of the intent behind the lyrics, painting rainbows, vibrant with movement and light, to cover the blues.  I  suffer with depression, and sometimes the only light is to push yourself to engage, whether with others, with nature, or with pure creativity.  I do find my creativity lifts me, and painting brings me both peace and joy in equal measure. I am fortunate to have a wonderful hive of creative people around me, many of who are members of Bailieborough Creative Hub, others who are friends and family.  It does the heart good to feel supported by others while exploring your creative side.  This is a thank you for those who support me by coming to my rescue when needed, to ‘Paint a Rainbow’ all over my blues.



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Painted using a mixture of Dynamic Acrylic Flow and brush techniques,

with a variety of traditional and some not so traditional tools!

Acrylic on Canvas



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