Perfect in Her Imperfection


Here she is, Perfect in Her Imperfection.  This piece was created on a recycled canvas, she is far from perfect, the canvas is not properly stretched, the paint has ebbed and flowed to create slight overhangs reminiscent of my tummy, which has housed five new lives over the years. It is smooth and yet wrinkled, a myriad of colours emerging from the dark and finally, stepping, unashamed and confident into the light.  This creation reflects my newfound strength to meet the world head on, saying ‘this is me, I’m no size 10, slim, paragon of perfection, I’ve lived, made mistakes, picked myself up and just kept on going’.  This is an unapologetic representation of who I am!



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Perfect in her Imperfection


Acrylic on recycled canvas

Created using Dynamic Acrylic Pour Technique


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