Pebbles on an Icy Shore


Just as fire can test us, and the heated moments of high emotion, so too can the coldness of others, and of ourselves.  Sometimes we withdraw to think, to process our emotions, and often to protect ourselves.  This isolation can also be overcome with time, patience and love, and the time taken to reflect can also help us to make sense of our life’s journey.
Emotions can be both Ice and Fire,  both extremes are difficult to weather, but weather it we will, and we can come safely through the winters chill to the promise of spring, and a better life ahead.
And yes, I know I did it again … GOT fans will recognise the reference!​



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The Darkness into Light Collection touches the theme of rising from darkness into the light,

to the resilience of the human soul and it's capacity to rise

from the darkness of depression, of failure, of loss,

and propel yourself once again into the adventure that is life.

Dynamic Acrylic Flow Technique

Acrylic on Canvas




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