I See You – Framed Print


‘I See You’ is an abstract encompassing the unending ancestry we share though our mothers. While names may follow the male line, the only definitive line of ancestry is though our mothers.  There can never be any doubt just who the mother of a child is! Personally I think that the matriarchal line of ancestors is one of the most primal and ‘honest’ that there can be.  This piece represents the spiral of our ancestry through the maternal line, with the unending distraction of the patriarchal usurping of the connection through the development of social ‘norms’ which considered women as ‘property’ who’s name depended on which man they belonged to!  Best get off my soap box now – Embrace your strong female ancestors and the unbroken line that connects you right back to the times of the creation of Venus of Willendorf and the worship of the Goddess!

Mini print of my original Oil-Resist Watercolour Piece (4×6) in 6×8 frame.

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