Connection – More than Just a Card – Mini Print


The image on this card is a miniature print of my original painting “Connection”. Each one is individually signed.

Connection – Oil Resist Watercolour Abstract

Connections are so important to us, and are even more salient new with restrictions on how far we can travel and who we can visit and spend time with.  The one connection we all share is that we are all under the same sky, and we all sleep by the light of the same moon.  These cosmic forces draw us together with invisible threads and make visible the overlooked connections between us!

Print will fit perfectly into any 6×4 inch frame, or even better an 8×6 frame with a mount for a 6×4 image. What better way could you have to preserve memories of those special days and turn the card, and the treasured words inside into a piece of art to bring a smile to your face each time you look at it.


Miniature signed print 6×4, card 5×7.  Frame not included.

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