It may seem obvious, but who hasn’t had a day when they were feeling so down that even hopping in the shower was a bridge too far? I’ve had some very low days, and now, when I’m in the midst of that darkness I set ‘Taking a Shower’ as one of just three tasks I need to complete for the day. That seems do-able, and it’s not too scary when it is just one little thing you are asking of yourself. The others tend to be ‘make the bed’ and ‘make a nice lunch’ because if that’s all I can manage, it puts me in a better place.
But, oddly enough, that shower often leaves me feeling a bit better, the made bed discourages me from crawling back in too quickly, and the nice lunch helps with my mood, so I usually end up being far more productive than I thought was possible when I woke up.
And also, oddly enough, crawling back into that bed after a shower and some lunch, and giving myself conscious permission to have a ‘duvet day’ means I feel less guilty about takeing a day to myself, and far more comfortable snuggling in bed cosy and warm with a full belly till dinner time!
So, try it! See if it’s one of your ‘little things’ that support you when you are feeling down!

PS – NOT posting photos of my showers on social media this week! lol