Four Reasons Why

You Need Art In Your Home Office


More and more of us are working at home, and will continue to do so even when restrictions lift.  So what better time to consider creating a warm and welcoming home office with that personal touch?

It Cheers Us

Art can cheer us up! Just the act of making your workspace ‘yours’, and bringing something you love into it can create a sense of belonging.

Art has also been proven to benefit your cognitive processes.

Looking at a piece of art can be calming and meditative, it also increases blood flow to the brain which supports critical thinking, decision making, problem solving and creativity.

Positive Influence on Our Emotions

Art has positive influence on your emotions, it triggers the release of serotonins which in turn promote feelings of happiness, improves your memory and has the added benefit of reducing anxiety.

Why does this happen?  It is because our body often mirrors what it sees, so through mirror neurons our body converts the emotions we see in a piece of art into emotions we can feel in our bodies.

So next time you look at a tranquil scene and find yourself feeling more relaxed you will know why!

Reduces Stress

The knock on effect of having art in your home office is that through its calming and emotion enhancing effects it reduces stress, and we all know that stress impacts on our productivity.  So if you are calmed by the art you choose to bring into your workspace, you will find that your stress levels decrease, and you will become more productive.

Positive Distractions Increase Productivity

The distraction that art provides by giving us something positive to focus on is a positive distraction, and taking those few seconds to enjoy the art in your environment gives an often badly needed calming moment of meditation (or distraction) that overall increases your productivity and enhances your focus for the task in hand.

But Art Can Be So Expensive!

This can be true, but prints of original art can really add that individual touch to your workspace.

Purchasing the kind of art that appeals to you, will be the most benificial to creating the atmosphere needed to a productive and happy work environment.

What Is ‘Affordable’ Art?

That question really is like asking, ‘How Long is a Piece of String?’  On my website I offer affordable prints ranging from €10 to €70.  Prices are dependent on size and the more expensive are Limited Editions.

I’d like to buy some art as a gift, but how will I know what someone else will like?

This is also an eternal problem, but I do offer a solution for the gift buyers out there.  You can purchase digital gift cards and the recipient can then choose from the full range of prints and originals I have available.

 Affordable Options for

Homeworkers on a budget!


If original art is out of your budget, try sourcing prints of original artworks that appeal to you.  I have several options available on my website, prices ranging from €10 to €70.

More Than Just a Card –

Miniature Print

The image on each card is a miniature print of one of my original paintings. Each one is individually signed.

Print will fit perfectly into any 6×4 inch frame, or even better an 8×6 frame with a mount for a 6×4 image. What better way could you have to preserve memories of those special days and turn the card, and the treasured words inside into a piece of art to bring a smile to your face each time you look at it.

Miniature signed print 6×4, card 5×7.  Frame not included.


Free p&p in Ireland


Affordable Prints

6×8 & 8×10 Prints of a variety of my original pieces, new ones being added regularly.  If you have seen an original that you would like in print form, do drop me a message as I’m always happy to facilitate!

Prints come in a hard backed envelope, with or without mounts (you can choose the options as you purchase).  Not currently being sold framed but they will fit perfectly into any generic 8×10 or 10×12 frame which are easy to source, plus then you get to buy one to suit your decor!

Prices from €15 – €30

Free p&p in Ireland


Limited Edition Prints

I currently have a few Limited Edition Runs with Prints still available.  These prints come in A3 size, on quality acid free paper and each one is numbered and personally signed.  They come with a certificate of authenticity, flat packed for ease of framing (free p&p in Ireland).

Framing can be arrainged if you live in the Cavan area at present as I will not risk damage to print and frame if it is sent through the post so I prefer to deliver personally.   If you live in Cavan and would like to avail of a framed version please drop me a message and it can be arrainged.  Framing costs an extra €50.

A3 Limited Edition Prints, €70



“I received your lovely print yesterday, thank you so much.  I have it on my keyboard, makes me feel so calm”

Paula Doran

Small Print (6×4) presented as a greeting card!  Can be mounted in a generic frame and be a reminder of the loving words expressed inside!


Tribute to ‘Cogo Woman’ by Irma Stern.

Prints available in a variety of sizes.

€15 – €30


Print of the original created using dynamic arylic flow techniques.

Available in 6×8 and 8×10 prints, with the option to include a mount to your order.

Will fit standard frames.

€15 – €30


A Limited Edition Print





A Limited Edition Print