For most people a print is a print, it’s a reproduction of an original piece of art!

But, not all prints are the same!

Poster prints are usually cheaper, and may not use archival quality inks and papers

Archival prints, are more expensive, and when you purchase one of these you can be guaranteed that with a little care they will last a lifetime, and beyond, without fading or the paper turning brown.

Archival papers are all acid free to ensure they won’t disintegrate with time!  Have you ever seen old newspapers that have been exposed to light?  The slowly turn brown and eventually just crumble.  You don’t want this to happen to a favourite piece of art, so if you want to enjoy it for a long time, be sure it is printed on archival quality paper.

Archival quality inks are also special, in that they are resistant to fading in sunlight. For this reason archival prints of watercolours are a really good idea, as the originals will fade over time.  The National Gallery only exhibits watercolours occasionally and for short windows of time, for just that reason!

So, we have established that archival prints are the best quality print you can get of your favourite artists work, and they are a brilliant way to bring art into your home if you are not ready to invest in an original piece.  But, what are limited edition prints, and what makes them extra special?

Limited Edition Prints are individually signed, numbered and dated by the artist.  If they have a print run of 100 you can be assured that there will only ever be 100 of these signed prints available, so what you are getting is a collectors piece. 

Even if more generic prints are made available to the public, your signed copy will always be more valuable! And if the artist becomes famous, you may well have a really good investment piece on your hands!

So, if you are thinking of buying prints of any artists work, and you want them to withstand the ravages of time, do check that they are printed to archival quality.  And if you want something really special, watch out for Limited Edition print runs, they make a really good investment!