To follow on with our chat, one of the things that I find lifts my mood is to go for a little walk. It can even be as short as 5 minutes, just a ramble around the garden if you are not up to a long one. Take the time to pay attention to what surrounds you. Feel the air on you face be aware of the sounds and smells around you. Try to find just one little thing that makes you smile.
As I live in the depths of the countryside I am so very lucky to have beautiful scenery to feast my eyes on. But what makes me smile can be the little wild flower daring to grow in the middle of the lane, braving the infrequent traffic. When I lived in Dublin it was the wee wild flowers growing on walls and between the cracks, the tenacity of these ‘weeds’ is a lesson in itself!
Strive to be tenacious if you can, and brave the elements daily to get outside, even for just a short amount of time. My aim this week is to get outside every day, and to give myself a goal I will take a photo each day to share on my social media. I would love if you did the same, feel free to share under this post or in the comments. I look forward to sharing and seeing your photos too.
Stay safe and remember, it’s the small things that make a big difference.